Columns,  Dormers,  Pools,  Tanks & more

   Working with fibreglass means there are no limits to shape or size. Additionally fibreglass is lighter than most alternative materials. 

  We can undertake projects of any dimension or quantity. We can supply fibreglass mouldings for ongoing production runs or for one-off projects. We work with your drawings, sketches or ideas to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements

  A a large proportion of our moulding work is undertaken for architectural projects:

right and bottom of page: some of our work in St Helier.

- Swimming pools, garden ponds, tanks and Jacuzzis
- Tubs and troughs
- Enclosures for high tension electrical equipment 
- Grey, black and potable water tanks and fuel tanks
- Complex shaped concrete moulds on construction sites
- Machinery cabinets
- Extraction hoods and exhaust ducts for workshops
- Air conditioning components
- Swimming pools and equipment, playground areas
- Fibreglass signs and poles - durable & long lasting

If you have an enquiry concerning GRP suitability for your project, please contact us to discuss your requirements further

Bring us your Project! 

Whether you are an individual requiring a pool design, or an architect requiring a production run of dormer windows, we have the flexibility to accommodate large projects or small.