GRP (glass reinforced plastic) has many advantages over other materials:

  A very wide range of applications

GRP is lightweight and strong and has always been popular with  designers and manufacturers in many fields. Its light weight and very low maintenance makes it attractive to many industries, particularly roofing and architecture.


Fibreglass is a gift to designers. It allows a wide scope of creative design since it can be moulded in one piece to almost any shape or difficult roofing configuration. Once moulded it can be easily fixed, drilled, sanded or sawn if required. It has few limits on size, shape, colour or finish and can therefore be adapted to almost any style or required shape or function


This freedom and ease of design makes GRP a sound alternative in manufacturing many components and products in large or small quantities


The fibreglass gel-coat gloss or flat finish eliminates the need for painting. The gel-coat finishes are also much more durable than most paints. Fibreglass items can be made in many textures, finishes and colours and a huge variety of surface appearances and colours can be designed in at the start with no further coatings being needed


Fibreglass components look better, they have a "whole" look about them since they are made as a single item rather than being constructed of steel or wood components


GRP has a high strength to weight ratio. While maintaining rigidity it can flex under stress without fracturing while additional strength is easily moulded into expected high stress areas at the outset. Fibreglass withstands tough environmental conditions and gives better performance than many other construction materials

  Environmentally tough 

Fibreglass does not corrode and has a much longer life span than many materials. This makes it a good choice for harsh or marine conditions. It resists ultra violet light, very wide temperature extremes and many corrosive chemicals. It is also non-reactive (chemically inert), making it non-corroding  and a useful alternative to stainless steel in many cases. Fibreglass exhibits a great deal of stability compared to other materials and expands or contracts very little under extremes of temperature.

  Acoustic properties

On it's own, fibreglass has much better acoustic properties than plastic or metal. In addition, different types of sound deadening material can be laminated in between several high strength layers of Fibreglass matt to give further acoustic protection. 

  It lasts!

Fibreglass has a very long life. Along with its low maintenance requirements, fibreglass has proved itself again and again over more than 50 years of development.

Consider the alternatives then consider GRP!

Should you have an enquiry concerning GRP and its suitability for your particular project or product, please contact us to discuss your requirements further


Fibreglass -

The Best Choice








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