Your GRP project

At Rosden we are making new moulds all the time. (The large cabinet on the right was specified by Deerglen)

Although known primarily for our marine work, the versatile nature of GRP lends itself to a huge range of applications and our work is all over the islands, from dormer windows in the town hall to ponds, pools, pillars and pilasters.

We can offer solutions to a wide range of construction issues. 

Bring us your project...

Rosden is one of the creative elements within the Precision Plastics Group. We are skilled mould-makers and designers and we are adding to our range all the time as demanded by our local customers



(impregnated in surface gel) Standard lock with keys
Cream Ply wood strengthening uprights (glassed in)
Grey Resin coated backing board
Green 18mm glassed-in baseplate
White Aluminium bolt-down plates
(Most colours are available on request) Door stays (doors can be held in open position for working in windy conditions)

The moulds shown on these pages are only a sample of what we can produce. We have a large number of moulds, these are some of our commonly used architectural ones. We have more tank moulds than we can show, also garden ponds and pools are usually custom made although we have many moulds for these also.