Our Service

Today's situation demands flexibility and within the group we are as highly flexible as the materials that we work with, both in our approach to our clients and product creation

Yes - its made of fibreglass!

Our customers are often surprised at the ease and speed that we can design and produce something new. Much of our work is on full view and taken for granted all over the islands in the form of cabinets, ponds, boats, roofs, dormer windows, decorative architectural features - the list is endless. 

and its repairable....

As well as making our meter cabinets, we also repair old or existing meter housings and pump housings. We can repair or carry out a complete renovation to near-new condition (though GRP lasts a very long time) Any amount of work can be undertaken either on your site or at our La Collette based facilities.



The moulds shown on these pages are only a sample of what we can produce. We have a large number of moulds, these are some of our commonly used architectural ones. We have more tank moulds than we can show, also garden ponds and pools are usually custom made although we have many moulds for these also.