Flush Wall Mounted 

ref MB005-A, B, C

available in 3 sizes - please scroll down

These wall-mounted cabinets are a good alternative to plastic since the cabinet surfaces can be treated and restored to their original factory finish. Plastic normally becomes matted and tarnished with time.

They are also very robust and repairable. 

Colours The following colours are available in all sizes. The colour finishes are impregnated in the surface gel

  • Cream 
  • Grey  
  • Green  
  • White
  • (More colours are available on request)

Features: Standard lock with keys, ply wood strengthening uprights (glassed in) Resin coated backing board, 18mm glassed-in baseplate, aluminium bolt-down plates, door stays (doors can be held in open position for working in windy conditions)

Please contact Dennis, Simon or Sue or on

Tel; 625 418

Regular MB005-C
Medium MB005-B


Large MB005-A


The moulds shown on these pages are only a sample of what we can produce. We have a large number of moulds, these are some of our commonly used architectural ones. We have more tank moulds than we can show, also garden ponds and pools are usually custom made although we have many moulds for these also.