"Terrain" all- weather GRP cabinets

Built to Lloyd's Marine Specification standards, these versatile outdoor cabinets are now widely used in a multitude of roles and are often used as HT meter housings, cabinets for valve control systems and enclosures for communications equipment.

Buy from stock? build to order? -  or re-design from scratch?

Not only do these "Terrain" cabinets have excellent build quality but they are robust, very low maintenance, simple to install and can be repaired after impact damage.

They are all manufactured in our GRP workshop facilities at La Collette and are becoming increasingly popular with utility companies, architects, property owners, building contractors and agriculturalists. 

Our product range is widening constantly in response to our island-based customers' demands.

Rosden is part of the Precision Plastics Group. We are mould-makers and creative designers. GRP is a highly flexible product and we are expanding our range constantly.


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The moulds shown on these pages are only a sample of what we can produce. We have a large number of moulds, these are some of our commonly used architectural ones. We have more tank moulds than we can show, also garden ponds and pools are usually custom made although we have many moulds for these also.